The Seasons

Ballet allégorique in one act
Music by Alexander Glazunov

World Première
20th February [O.S. 7th February] 1900
Hermitage Theatre, Saint Petersburg

Original 1900 Cast
Alexei Bulgakov

Anna Pavlova

Julia Sedova

Vera Trefilova

Lyubov Petipa

Nikolai Legat

The Rose
Olga Probrazhenskaya

The Swallow
Varvara Rykhlyakova

The Spirit of the Corn
Matilda Kschessinskaya

The Faun
Mikhail Obukhov

The Satyrs
Alexander Gorsky
Alexander Shiryaev

Pavel Gerdt

Marie Petipa

Frost, Ice, Hail and Snow press tightly around harsh Winter. Frost weaves its lace, Ice drifts and Hail patters. Two grey-haired gnomes emerge from the forest. They set fire to the brushwood and drive off Winter with its hot flames. The first breaths of Spring merge with Zephyr’s warm wind. The birds and flowers lovingly surround Spring. Summer approaches. The Sun heats the earth with its bright rays. Curly-headed cornflowers and scarlet poppies circle in a waltz, as if embracing the ripe ears of rye. The sounds of a reed pipe are heard. Satyrs and fauns come running. They begin to struggle with each other as they try to carry off the Spirit of the Corn, but Zephyr comes to the rescue and the Spirit is saved. Autumn arrives and with it the grape harvest. Satyrs and bacchantes perform elaborate dances, drawing in everyone around.