The Marius Petipa Society

The Marius Petipa Society

The Marius Petipa Society is a foundation project that aims to promote the influence and legacy of Marius Petipa. Through an academic approach, the Petipa Society aims to educate balletomanes, dancers, choreographers, critics, etc, on Petipa’s contributions to the art form of ballet. The society also aims to promote Petipa’s ballets, to educate ballet lovers everywhere on the history of his ballets and his most famous passages, but also on Petipa himself, his colleagues and his dancers.

The Petipa Society also aims to promote the reconstructions of Petipa’s ballets and to organise events, such as talks and lectures at schools, theatres and for ballet companies and performances, e.g. galas and performances of the reconstructions.

We encourage you to explore the universe, history and legacy of Marius Petipa and to contact us to discuss how the Petipa Society can serve you.

Amy Growcott
Founder of The Marius Petipa Society