Ballet fantastique in four acts
Music by Ludwig Minkus

World Première
24th November [O.S. 12th November] 1863
Imperial Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
Choreography by Arthur Saint-Léon

Original 1863 Cast
Anna Sobeshchanskaya

Saint Petersburg Première
25th February [O.S. 13th February] 1864
Imperial Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre

Original 1864 Saint Petersburg Cast
Marfa Muravieva

Count Friedrich
Lev Ivanov

Vera Lyadova

Alexandra Kemmerer

Christian Johansson

Maria Sokolova

Paris Première
11th July 1864
Académie Royale de Musique

Original 1864 Paris Cast
Marfa Muravieva

Eugenié Fiocre

Count Molder
Louis Mérante

Première of Petipa’s revival
18th December [O.S. 6th December] 1887
Imperial Mariinsky Theatre

Original 1887 Cast
Elena Cornalba

Marie Petipa

Count Friedrich
Pavel Gerdt

Cupid learns of a young man, Count Friedrich Sternhold, who does not acknowledge love and spends his time in revelry. In order to improve his fortunes, he intends to marry Regonda, the daughter of the wealthy Princess Millefleurs. Regonda, however is in love with an officer named Otto. The couple appeal to the god of love and he takes them under his protection. From the flames of love, Cupid fashions Fiametta, who is supposed to teach the Count a lesson. Fiametta manages to evoke passionate feelings in Count Friedrich, but she remains unattainable for him. At the wedding ceremony in Princess Millefleur’s castle, a notary appears with a daughter that the groom recognises as Fiametta. She persuades him to call off the marriage and Regonda tells her mother of her love for Otto. The notary tears up the contract and instead weds Otto and Regonda. Fiametta turns back into a flame and soars into the sky. Count Friedrich angrily hurls himself at the notary, but Cupid appears in his place and everyone bows down to him.

Marfa Muravieva as Nemea (1864)
Marfa Muravieva as Néméa in Arthur Saint-Léon’s Paris restaging of Minkus’s 1863 ballet La Flamme d′amour, ou La Salamandre, ou Fiametta (1864)