Le Marché de parisien, ou Les Marché des Innocents

Ballet comique in one act
Music by Cesare Pugni

World Première
5th May [O.S. 23rd April] 1859
Imperial Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre, Saint Petersburg

Original 1859 Cast
Maria Surovshchikova-Petipa

Marius Petipa

The Marquis Megrèle
Timofei Stukolkin

Paris Première
29th May 1861
Paris Opèra

Original 1861 Cast
Maria Surovshchikova-Petipa

Louis Mérante

Première of Petipa’s final revival
20th January [O.S. 8th January] 1895
Imperial Mariinsky Theatre

Original 1895 Cast
Maria Anderson

Sergei Litavkin

The Marquis Megrèle
Enrico Cecchetti

Everyday, Lizetta, the most beautiful girl in the Parisian market, receives letters and gifts from her admirers, but her heart belongs only to Simon, the young market trader. The Marquis Megrèle happens to visit the market and also falls in love with her. When Georgetta, the Marquis’s mistress, accuses Lizetta of trying to seduce him, Lizetta tries to convince her of her love for Simon. Poverty is the only thing that prevents them from marrying. Feeling pity for the lovers, Georgetta decides to help them. She uses subterfuge to obtain the Marquis’s purse full of coins and gives it to a delighted Lizetta, who finally starts to plan her marriage to Simon.